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Puppies' first bath <3
By: @animaladdicts
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By:  animaladdicts

Puppies' Bath

Nisey Wiggins
Melanie Eley
When life stresses your baby out ;)
By: @lauraiz
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By:  lauraiz

Baby Massage

Maria Hernandez
Wendy Whitehead
Easy DIY Christmas Ornament Cakes <3
By: @gretchens_bakery
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By:  gretchens_bakery

Christmas Ornament Cakes

Laura David Fellows
Anjori Spieker
Hair Transformation Goals! <3
By: @phuongvohair
Post - Video: Hair Transformation Goals   3
By:  phuongvohair


Sulie Tuivai
Stephen Ditschler
OMG! These are the cutest!!! <3
by: @christinascupcakesdffg
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by:  christinascupcakesdffg

Christmas treats

Annie Deuce
Shana MacLean
Perfect makeup look for the holidays! <3
by: @cosmobyhaley
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by:  cosmobyhaley

Holidays Makeup

Jenn Smith
Nicoleta Silvia Motoasca
For your donuts addicted friend! <3
By: @ivyandstonecakedesign
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By:  ivyandstonecakedesign

Doughnuts Cake

Savi Cappiello
Shannon Kirchner
Scary Enough For The Halloween?
by: @Desi Perkins from @ideas__video
Post - Video: Scary Enough For The Halloween  
by:  Desi Perkins from  ideas__video

Halloween Makeup 2

Natalie Meyer
Mary Rezk
Blessing Your Timeline <3
By: @samoyedmelker
Post - Photo: Blessing Your Timeline  3
By:  samoyedmelker

Photos from StylishEve's post

Alisa Lorincz-Ivanova
Chaunti Jenkins
Your Halloween Makeup ;)
By: @sophiehannahrichardson
Post - Video: Your Halloween Makeup ; 
By:  sophiehannahrichardson

Halloween Makeup

Rebecca Haworth
Sin Crook
Nadeem Usman
Nadeem Usman
The Perfect Start For Everyday <3

By: @samoyedmelker
Post - Video: The Perfect Start For Everyday  3

By:  samoyedmelker

Breakfast club with Melker

El Rogêrs
Va Lerie
Nadeem Usman
Prince Lheane Lachica
Joan Garcia
Sarah Renee
Pam Johnson Huff
Nadeem Usman
A scary addition to your Halloween decorations ;)
By: @Ideas Video
Post - Video: A scary addition to your Halloween decorations ;

Halloween Decorations

Karen Hodges Lane
Irini Verikios-Casey
Dry-wash your hair in minutes!

By: @sara revuelta
Post - Video: Dry wash your hair in minutes 

By:  sara revuelta

DIY Dry Shampoo

Christi Kerklin
Alice Gritz-Cassidy
Dani Letourneau
Carol Ebert
Rachel Stevens
Dalal Attye
Lisa Ramadani-Fulton
Deborah Gilmore-selincourt